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Saturday, August 29, 2015

rikk york fucks alessio romero

Rikk York Fucks Alessio Romero in Half Hearted Part 4 at MEN OVER 30

It's the end of the series and Rikk is sad that Alessio couldn't break up with his BF. Rikk is back cleaning his fish tank as he mopes around the house until the doorbell rings. He answers the door and its Alessio again saying hello. Rikk tries to slam the door on him but Alessio begs him not to and tells him that he finally broke up with his BF and to prove it to him he has brought over his luggage and is ready to move in. Rikk is touched by the gesture and the two go back into the house for some hot romantic man on man fun. Alessio even lets Rikk fuck him this time to show his commitment in the relationship. The two have passionate sex pleasing each other like they never have before. The love between them has come full circle and they have no worries left except who will be making dinner after they unload all they built up cum. Enjoy!

59887_01 59887_02 59887_03 59887_04 59887_05 59887_06 59887_07 59887_08 59887_09 59887_10 Rikk York Fucks Alessio Romero 11 59887_12 Rikk York Fucks Alessio Romero 13 59887_14 59887_15


dylan james and valentino medici flip flop fuck

Alpha Males Dylan James And Valentino Medici Flip Flop Fuck at LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT

Where the bears are I want to be! Valentino Medici makes his first appearance in this set of scenes (which will be collected in the upcoming Raw DVD film) and he’s showing off his goods to Dylan James. These two have matching body types -- they’re well muscled and rock solid in their builds -- which shows when they start fucking each other, because it’s apparent they’re not afraid of breaking anything. Dylan had fun bottoming completely for Viktor Rom before, but he’s got some frustrations he wants to work out, and Valentino is more than happy to get on all fours and give him his hole to pound. It’s a great session between two awesome Lucas Entertainment exclusive models!

LVP218_03_Dylan_James_Valentino_Medici 01 LVP218_03_Dylan_James_Valentino_Medici 02 LVP218_03_Dylan_James_Valentino_Medici 03 LVP218_03_Dylan_James_Valentino_Medici 04 Dylan James And Valentino Medici Flip Flop Fuck 05 LVP218_03_Dylan_James_Valentino_Medici 06 Dylan James And Valentino Medici Flip Flop Fuck 07 LVP218_03_Dylan_James_Valentino_Medici 08 LVP218_Valentino_Medici_01LVP218_Valentino_Medici_02LVP218_Valentino_Medici_03LVP218_Valentino_Medici_04LVP218_Valentino_Medici_05LVP218_03_Dylan_James_Valentino_Medici 09

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Friday, August 28, 2015

adam bryant fucks tommy defendi hard

Adam Bryant fucks Tommy Defendi hard in Love Gun Part 2 at MENDOTCOM

Adam Bryant is the hunky repair man who ends up using his favorite tool, his impressive hung cock. Adam fucks Tommy Defendi’s hot, hairy ass until he explodes his load on his furry body.

8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Adam Bryant fucks Tommy Defendi hard 16 17 18 Adam Bryant fucks Tommy Defendi hard 19 20 21 22 23 24 25


Thursday, August 27, 2015

ty roderick fucks dirk caber

Ty Roderick fucks Dirk Caber in Sugar Daddies Scene 3 at ICON MALE

Dirk Caber is visiting Ty Roderick in his humble apartment. He’s surprised by it’s coziness, and although there’s a friendliness here, there’s also a feeling of uneasiness in this meeting. It becomes clear that this is Dirk’s first time, as he tries to assure Ty about his intentions, more for himself than his . He wants Ty more than anything, but Dirk is clear that if they go ahead with it his wife cannot find out. Ty is relaxed, and calm. It is apparent through his business-like demeanor that this isn’t his first time at the rodeo. Ty is clear about the arrangement, articulating that as long as he’s taken care of, Dirk won’t need to worry. Dirk sits down next to Ty and touches his knee, hesitant, unsure. Ty moves his hand from his knee to the tenting crotch of his pants. Showing him the stiffness in his pants, what he’s missing, what he could have. Ty takes Dirk by the neck tie and pulls him in, closer. He’s unsure what to think, but soon lets himself go, forgetting his emotional baggage and experiencing the moment, enjoying the hard bodied young man he’s kissing. Ty slowly undresses, exposing his fuzzy chest, and while making out with Dirk, he strips him of his shirt and his tie. Ty grabs Dirk’s nipple, to his the older man’s surprise and delight. Ty pulls his cut cock from his pants, Dirk’s cock leaking precum at the sight of it. Ty knows what he’s doing, and is really knows how to push Dirk’s buttons. As he climbs on top of the older man he slowly inserts his cock into his salt and pepper ass, fucking slowly but with building intensity. As he holds the Dirk close, he kisses him while he pounds deeper and deeper. He’s nearly brought him over the edge, but takes a few moments break to regroup and kiss him. Moving him onto his back, Ty fucks him until he explodes all over his chest. Ty, pulls out and responds in kind with a mess of hot cum.

61130_05 61130_11 61130_15 61131_01 61131_02 61131_03 61131_04 61131_05 Ty Roderick fucks Dirk Caber 06 Ty Roderick fucks Dirk Caber 07 61131_08 61131_09 61131_10 61131_11 61131_12 61131_13 61131_14 61131_15