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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

alessio romero pounds drew sumrok bareback

Alessio Romero pounds Drew Sumrok bareback at LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT

If you’re in the mood for some unadulterated and raw muscle-bear porn, then this scene will answer that need. Alessio Romero has jumped into making bareback porn, and his first scene on Lucas Entertainment fucking raw was with Jimmie Slater, Adam Isaacs, and BJ Rhubarb. Now he’s paired up one-on-one with Drew Sumrok, and while Alessio in general is very versatile, here he’s all top and Drew is all bottom. The proof is in the pounding: listen to Alessio’s pelvis slamming against Drew’s ass as he gets fucked bareback. It’s so loud it overtakes the mic — and is a job well done

LVP199_01_Alessio_Romero_Drew_Sumrok_01 LVP199_01_Alessio_Romero_Drew_Sumrok_02 LVP199_01_Alessio_Romero_Drew_Sumrok_03 LVP199_01_Alessio_Romero_Drew_Sumrok_04 LVP199_01_Alessio_Romero_Drew_Sumrok_05 LVP199_01_Alessio_Romero_Drew_Sumrok_06 LVP199_01_Alessio_Romero_Drew_Sumrok_07 Alessio Romero pounds Drew Sumrok bareback 08 LVP199_01_Alessio_Romero_Drew_Sumrok_09 Alessio Romero pounds Drew Sumrok bareback 10 LVP199_01_Alessio_Romero_Drew_Sumrok_11 LVP199_01_Alessio_Romero_Drew_Sumrok_12 LVP199_01_Alessio_Romero_Drew_Sumrok_13


alessio romero pounds drew sumrok bareback

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

leather master letterio fucks theo ford

Leather Master Letterio fucks Theo Ford at UK NAKED MEN

Letterio is looking stunning in leather for this scene, a tight harness and even tighter leather trousers, show off all his magnificent muscles and bulges, add to this the stunningly handsome Theo Ford as a very willing sub boy you know there are gonna be cummy fireworks. Theo submits completely to rough, hairy Letterio and can’t wait to get onto his knees to suckle that heavy, uncut cock. Letterio likes a pretty boy, even when he’s strapping six foot of ripped meat like Theo. Letterio gets his way – all the way here, opening up Theo’s muscular bit with a hot, wet tongue and spit slick fingers before slamming his monster cock deep into Theo’s hole even as the sub-lad tries to pull away but there’s no escape from Letterio once he’s started. Theo takes that raw cock forwards, backwards, on top and under neath, as we zoom in close for that skin-on-skin bareback action, Theo’s hole opens and stretches as the cock withdrawers. Until Letterio is pumping and convulsing squirting hot globs of jizz on Theo’s hole and plunging back into fill him with more spunk. But as a reward for taking his cock and cum Letterio lowers to his knees to suck Theo to spunky conclusion and takes the handsome lads load in his own eager mouth. Spunkalicious!

IMG_0352 IMG_0358 IMG_0359 IMG_0383 IMG_0430 IMG_0459 IMG_0490 IMG_0510 Leather Master Letterio fucks Theo Ford 0513 Leather Master Letterio fucks Theo Ford 0534 IMG_0542