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Friday, March 6, 2015

leo domenico and logan moore

Leo Domenico and Logan Moore in “Broken” at LUCAS KAZAN

Logan and Leo have broken off. Memories of their happy times together haunt Logan: their falling in love, their sexual chemistry… Logan is overcome by despair and the bleak images of a future apart. Sounds familiar? Dedicated to those (of us) who’ve been in love once and had their hearts… broken.

Leo Domenico and Logan Moore 01 lucaskazan_broken 02 lucaskazan_broken 03 lucaskazan_broken 04 lucaskazan_broken 04a lucaskazan_broken 05 lucaskazan_broken 06 lucaskazan_broken 07 Leo Domenico and Logan Moore 08 lucaskazan_broken 09 lucaskazan_broken 10 lucaskazan_broken 11


Thursday, March 5, 2015

jesse jackman and donnie dean flip flop fuck

Jesse Jackman and Donnie Dean Flip Flop Fuck Outdoor in Pacific Coast Scene 3 at TITAN MEN

As he puts away tools in a trunk by the garage, Jesse Jackman can’t keep his eyes off Donnie Dean—indulging in an outdoor shower as water cascades down his smooth muscles. Their eyes meet; Jesse walks over for a kiss, his massive body getting soaked. He sucks Donnie’s hot rod, spit falling down. Donnie flashes his killer smile, the two kissing and grinding on each other before he swallows Jesse’s big, curvy cock. Jesse grunts as he gets deep throated, Donnie’s lips wrapped tight around his shaft. The sucker strokes his own boner, snapping it up on his abs. Donnie offers his ass, grabbing Jesse’s huge pec as he gets fucked—and slapping his boner on the top’s stomach (“Pound my ass!”). Jesse spits in the bottom’s hand, Donnie using it as lube as he strokes. Jesse then bends over, his muscle ass getting pounded as his eyes roll up in his head. On his back, Jesse growls some more before the top coats his bod and pubes with cum.

pcst_scene03_Jackman_Dean_001 pcst_scene03_Jackman_Dean_002 pcst_scene03_Jackman_Dean_003 pcst_scene03_Jackman_Dean_004 pcst_scene03_Jackman_Dean_005 pcst_scene03_Jackman_Dean_006 pcst_scene03_Jackman_Dean_007 pcst_scene03_Jackman_Dean_008 pcst_scene03_Jackman_Dean_009 pcst_scene03_Jackman_Dean_010 pcst_scene03_Jackman_Dean_011 Jesse Jackman and Donnie Dean Flip Flop Fuck 012 pcst_scene03_Jackman_Dean_013 pcst_scene03_Jackman_Dean_014 pcst_scene03_Jackman_Dean_015 Jesse Jackman and Donnie Dean Flip Flop Fuck 016 pcst_scene03_Jackman_Dean_017 pcst_scene03_Jackman_Dean_018 pcst_scene03_Jackman_Dean_019 pcst_scene03_Jackman_Dean_020 pcst_scene03_Jackman_Dean_021 pcst_Scene03_Jesse_Jackman_001 pcst_Scene03_Jesse_Jackman_002 pcst_Scene03_Titan Donnie_Dean_001


jesse jackman and donnie dean flip flop fuck

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

hung lumber jack hardy pumps fifteen streams of man milk

Hung Lumber Jack Hardy Pumps fifteen Streams of Man Milk on his Harley Davidson at ISLAND STUDS

“I think I have a Donkey Dick going on,” Hardy says with a smile, as he looks down at his big bouncing 8″ erection as he starts his nudist blue collar work, in this Exclusive video from Island Studs. Hardy, a big, beefy, straight, Lumber Jack with a beautiful long dick and big hairy balls, can be seen most days on his big black Harley Davidson cruising the beaches of Hawaii  – smoking! This horny, 23 year old bearded Marlboro Man strips down beside his Harley, works outdoors fully naked with a bouncing hard on and sprays an amazing fountain of 15 streams of milking man juice ALL OVER his neck and body while seated balls out on his hog, in this Exclusive Video from Island Studs. Hardy’s thick masculine build and natural body hair will appeal to lovers of REAL MEN! Sporting a flannel shirt, blue jeans and leather shoes, Hardy rides his bike onto the property for his first nude photo shoot ever!  Standing 5’8″ and weighing 165 pounds Hardy talks about nailing a 45 year old married women he met online when he was just 18! Horny Hardy is completely comfortable sitting balls out on his Harley Davidson stroking his Donkey Dick with his sweaty ass checks pressed against the seat of his bike! Imagine being that sweaty motorcycle seat! With his throbbing cock in one hand and a smoke in the other, Horny Hardy is a REAL Biker Fantasy  – his big hairy ball sack resting against his motorcycle seat! What a hot man! Our cameras capture Hardy’s thick Sicilian Italian Irish body from every angle as he sweats in the Hot Hawaiian Sun. His horny cock is rock hard and bouncing around his hairy white thighs as he works naked outdoors. If you have ever wanted to watch a real Washington State Lumber Jack, work up a sweat working naked outside, Hardy is not to be missed.  But the best part of this video is Hardy’s cum shot on his Harley! Still sweaty for his nudist garden work, Hardy sits back down on his bike and give us an amazing jerk off performance.

Hardy 01 Hardy 02 Hardy 03 Hardy 04 Hardy 05 Hardy 05a Hardy 06 Hung Lumber Jack Hardy Pumps fifteen Streams of Man Milk 07 Hardy 08 Hung Lumber Jack Hardy Pumps fifteen Streams of Man Milk 09 Hardy 10 Hardy 11 Hardy 12 Hardy 13 Hardy 14


hung lumber jack hardy pumps fifteen streams of man milk