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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

dads david anthony and casey williams fuck

Dads David Anthony and Casey Williams fuck, boys Luke Adams and Caleb King watch and make a bet in Like Father, Like Son Scene 1 at TITAN MEN

As they take turns sucking each other’s big jock cocks, toned Caleb King and tan Luke Adams are interrupted by Luke’s dad Casey Williams. They zip up and head out for practice, but Caleb’s dad David Anthony shows up with his son’s bag. Left alone in the kitchen, the two dads give in to their urges. David’s salt-and-pepper beard and mustache are wrapped about Casey’s thick shaft, the sucker’s nose hitting the muscle dad’s pubes. Casey snaps his cock up in David’s face, the sucker stroking his huge meat as he milks and gulps Casey’s veiny shaft. The two kiss as their cocks slam against each other in hot swordplay, Casey soon on his knees as he tries his best to swallow David’s beast. “Tug those nuts,” directs David. “So fucking good!” David eats and fingers Casey’s ass before fucking him from behind, Casey pushing his boner down to show it off as he gets entered. Meanwhile outside, Luke and Caleb stroke their big boners side by side as they watch and listen to the action. Casey takes it on his back as David’s abs, chest and shoulder muscles tighten as he fucks him—the four studs soon firing their big, creamy loads.

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tom vojak and alex brando bareback jose quevedo

Tom Vojak and Alex Brando Bareback Jose Quevedo in "Skins - Posing Trunks" at KRISTEN BJORN

Alex is thinking of preparing for a bodybuilding competition so his friends Jose and Tom suggest that he start to practice his posing. Jose oils up Alex’s smooth muscles as Tom finds himself getting aroused. Tom and Jose explore Alex’s hardest muscle of all with their hungry mouths. Tom whips out his huge cock and Jose goes into hot cock sucking heaven. Jose sucks, swallows and chokes down the two hot cocks in front of him. Jose moves into the full pleasure position, while sucking Tom’s hung, uncut cock Alex licks and probes his ass with his hungry tongue. Alex plunges his raw cock deep inside of Jose’s hairy hole as Tom feeds him his throbbing cock. Tom moves into position and rams his hard cock into Jose’s raw hole and stretches his limits. Jose is flipped upside down and Tom begins to fuck him from above as Alex fucks his mouth with his muscle cock. The guys move into another hot position that has Alex slapping his smooth balls against Jose’s ass as he attempts to swallow Tom’s massive cock. Alex and Tom flip back and forth keeping Jose in the middle of the fuck sensation. While servicing both hot cocks, Jose sucks the hot load of cum out of Alex’s cock then blows his own hot load. Tom continues his fucking until he also joins the group of exploding cocks.

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hairy guy sean jerks off

Hairy Guy Sean Jerks Off at ACTIVE DUTY

Here's a sweet 'n' hottie for you to feast your eyes on. His name is Sean and he has gorgeous eyes with a wry, mischievous smile. Sean is 27 and likes to indulge his passion for soccer when on leave. After having the privilege of seeing Sean nude, I'm not surprised he's an avid sportsman. Sean was blessed with a delicious skin tone and a wonderfully plump rear end. I think I could get away with describing his demeanor as a bit reserved. But that's part of what I like most about new recruits like Sean! Sean became a little more comfortable after a few minutes and settled into a nice groove. He put his feet up on the leather couch at one point and laid back, continuing to tug his boner. Not long into the session, Claude had Sean fuck in between a couple leather pillows. In this shot, we get a great look at Sean's strong ass muscles and his propensity for thrusting hard. I can certainly imagine Sean giving a fellow soldier a jolly-good rogering with that power. Claude also peeked with the camera over Sean's shoulder to show you what he sees every day when he jacks his big cock. I really enjoyed Sean, and I'm glad he's decided to expand his horizons by having some fun with us. I have a good feeling he'll be back. And when he is, we'll see of what this stud is truly capable.

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