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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

ty roderick takes off his clothes

Sexy Gay Model Ty Roderick Takes off His Clothes and Shows his Sexy Hairy and Tattooed Body and His Big Dick in a Photo Shoot for "Straight Boy Seductions" at ICON MALE

61539_04 Ty Roderick Takes off His Clothes _05 61539_06 61539_07 Ty Roderick Takes off His Clothes 08 61539_09


ginger thief connor maguire fucks dennis west

Uncut ginger thief Connor Maguire Fucks Dennis West in Ass Bandit Part 4 at MENDOTCOM

Connor Maguire is back to collect what was promised to him, except this time he is caught by Dennis West. This is one sexual household with a craving for a hung, uncut ginger thief! Dennis works Connor’s magnificent cock with his wet mouth before having Connor slide into his warm hole!

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Monday, October 5, 2015

armani and lorenzo flip flop bareback

Armani And Lorenzo Flip Flop Bareback at CHAOS MEN

I wanted Lorenzo to turn on his sensual vibe, and do a little muscle worship. Armani can be both passive and aggressive, though he seems to be better on the passive side. So Lorenzo takes control initially, rubbing Armani's body, kissing him, and then pulling out his hard cock to stroke him. Lorenzo slides down his own underwear and makes Armani suck on his cock. You can tell he loves having Armani work his cock. Lorenzo gets Armani standing, and shows-off his own cock-sucking skills. They then lay down, nursing on each other's cocks in a 69 position. Lorenzo gets Armani doggy-style and really rims his hole like it is his last meal. Armani's cock is throbbing with anticipation! After worshiping Armani's hole, he climbs on top and fucks him like a dog. It is a bit of a balancing act for Lorenzo, but he got his rhythm down quickly and Armani sure was happy to have a cock in his ass. After the quad work out, Lorenzo needed a break, so Armani fucks him next. We may need to trim back Lorenzo's ass hair. He is a super hair guy, and I think a modest trim job will be fine. Armani had to do some bush whacking to find his intended target! But if you like super hairy holes, Lorenzo is a beast this time out! Armani gets Lorenzo on his back, and like most guys, this is Lorenzo's favorite position to bust in. Armani pounds his hole until ropes of cum go flying out of Lorenzo's cock. Armani has mostly bottomed, but that didn't stop him from properly breeding Lorenzo's hole!

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robbie rojo gets his colleague hector de silva hands tied

Horny Guy Robbie Rojo Gets His Colleague Hector De Silva Hands Tied for MEN AT PLAY

Robbie Rojo seems to be gaining quite a reputation at work, after offering sexual favours to his boss Dallas Steele - and the rumour going round is that he’s an amazing fuck, and always horny for more! So when Hector asks him to swap one of his work shifts, Robbie plays hard ball and manipulates his handsome colleague to get exactly what he wants from him - except this time he wants him restraint so he can have his fill of Hectors thick, uncut cock. With Hector’s hands tied firmly behind his back, Robbie gets on his knees and helps himself to an endless serving of Spanish dick. Robbie just can’t get enough of it and by the look on Hectors face the rumours of his 'oral skills' were most definitely true. But what Hector wants to know if Robbie’s ass is as sweet as they say, and he unties himself dying to get his tongue deep in Robbie’s smooth hole, before fucking his young colleague to within an inch of his life!

Handstied 01 Handstied 02 Handstied 03 Handstied 04a Handstied 05 Handstied 06 Handstied 07 Handstied 08 Handstied 09 Handstied 10 Handstied 11 Handstied 12 Handstied 14 Robbie Rojo Gets His Colleague Hector De Silva Hands Tied 15 Handstied 16 Robbie Rojo Gets His Colleague Hector De Silva Hands Tied 17 Handstied 18 Handstied 19 Handstied 20 Handstied 21 Handstied 22 Handstied 23 Handstied 24 Handstied 25 Handstied 26 Handstied 27