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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

colby keller fucks glorious bubble butt

Colby Keller fucks glorious bubble butt in “Sketch” at MENDOT COM

Romantic lovers spend the afternoon in Central Park. Jake Wilder pencils some sketches of the affair and the guys head home to get into some hardcore action. After some steamy ass rimming, Colby Keller uses his huge dick to fuck Jake’s glorious bubble butt!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

rich kelly masturbates hole with wrist thick dildo

Hairy guy Rich Kelly Masturbates Hole With Wrist Thick Dildo at ALPHA MALES

Posing and flexing for us, young muscle pup Rich shows off his growing muscles and big hairy legs, looking awesome next to a very full package in his tighty whiteys!  His super furry chest and pits are stroked as he works his way down to his ever increasing bulge, his hairy legs joining to a fuzzy mound from where his dick springs forth, that cut cock being nicely massaged to full force right in front of our eyes!  Moving his attention from his dick to his ass, Rich fingers, rubs and slaps his hole and then reaches for a dildo as thick as your wrist.  Surely he can’t take something that thick, but we’d be wrong!  Working it back and forth inside of him, his hairy butt clings to the dildo as Rich gets faster with it, the groans escaping this horny man getting louder and louder until he shoots his load, dildo still in place!

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