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Friday, February 5, 2016

muscle hunk marco phoenix jacking off

Blue Eyed Muscle Hunk Marco Phoenix Jacking Off And Blowing Cum on MAN AVENUE

What a handsome stud is Marco Phoenix. And he's even hotter butt ass naked stroking his cock and spreading his legs. Marco lays back on the bed pulling at his dick through his shorts. He periodically gives a peek into what's hiding there. Before long, he's stripped, fully erect and showing off his humpy body. Catch all this hot man and get naked with him to blow your load today. Thanks Marco. Cum again sometime.

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dolf dietrich pounds hugh hunter

Dolf Dietrich Pounds Hugh Hunter in MANHOLE at AMERICAN MUSCE HUNKS

MANHOLE by AmericanMuscleHunks is back and this time it's muscle titans and boyfriends Hugh Hunter and Dolf Dietrich. These two HUNKS start off hard and ready to fuck. Worshiping each other's chiseled muscle bodies and enjoying ever second of it. Licking, grunting, and kissing every inch of sweaty muscle, these hung HUNKS are passionate about their muscle worship. They swap blow jobs and rim jobs before Dolf bends Hugh over and pounds him from behind. Hugh's moans of extacy and Dolf's grunts fill the room as the fuck-fest continues with Hugh riding Dolf's thick meat. The two then give each other facials as they make out with each other and slurp up the hot jizz.

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chris harder and johnny v flip flop fuck

Chris Harder and Johnny V Flip Flop Fuck in Labyrinth at RAGING STALLION

Naked men prowl a dark, cavernous space hungry for sex. Johnny V sits masturbating furiously, until a knock prompts him to stick his cock through a glory hole where Chris Harder's mouth awaits. Chris' body is a composition made of fur and ink. Another cock emerges from an adjacent glory hole. The cocks are close enough for Chris to jack them both off at once when a third cock stabs through another glory hole. Chris shifts from cock to cock, using his mouth and hands to satisfy them all. Johnny comes out, wearing only a leather harness, to discover who's sucking him. He leads Chris to a dark corner and offers his muscle-butt for the taking. Chris jams his cock in him without bothering to take off his shorts, grasping Johnny's harness like a pair of reins. Men watch as voyeurs and pleasure themselves. The show changes when Chris and Johnny trade places. Chris is so ready to be fucked that Johnny's cock slides right in with ease. The excitement of being watched by horned up hunks adds an extra layer of steamy erotica. They switch positions and butt-fuck themselves on opposing ends of a two-headed dildo, achieving simultaneous, noisy orgasms that shoot across the room.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

hector de silva fucks dario beck

Hector de Silva Fucks Dario Beck for The Photobook at LUCAS KAZAN

"Galeotto fu il libro...", wrote Dante in Inferno V. "Gallehault was the book..." So is our very own photo book, conjuring Dario's sexual fantasies. The object of his (our) desires? Hunky Hector. Two of the most handsome MEN in porn, setting the set afire. And a tangible, off-the-chart chemistry.

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