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Thursday, May 21, 2015

jaxton wheeler fuck mike de marko

Hairy and Beefy Stud Jaxton Wheeler Fucks Mike De Marko in Auto Erotic, Part 2 at RAGING STALLION

Jaxton Wheeler is a burly greasemonkey with a Herculean physique, and he clenches his pecs as young otter Mike De Marko worships his body. Jaxton offers Mike his fat, erect cock, reaching over at the same time to grab Mike’s meat and rub the heads of their cocks together. Mike kneels and sucks until his eyes water, and Jaxton responds with a vigorous face fucking. Eager to have Jaxton’s fat cock inside him, Mike bends over and offers his hairy hole for penetration. Mike’s body quivers with the impact of all Jaxton’s muscle and bulk slamming deep and hard against him. Flipping Mike on his back, Jaxton puts the pedal to the metal and gives him a full speed fucking. The urgency of orgasm builds within both of them until they erupt simultaneously across Mike’s washboard abs.

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jaxton wheeler fuck mike de marko

colby jansen fucks chris harder

Colby Jansen fucks Chris Harder in The Imposter Part 3 at MENDOTCOM

Colby Jansen has been in hiding for a year, but he no longer sees himself as an imposter pretending to be a gay man. He has found true love with the irresistible and sexy Chris Harder. Watch as the two savor every moment as they make intense and passionate love.

5171_2172_theimposter3 5171_2321_theimposter3 5171_2327_theimposter3 5171_2333_theimposter3 5171_2346_theimposter3 5171_2350_theimposter3 5171_2360_theimposter3 5171_2371_theimposter3 5171_2384_theimposter3 Colby Jansen fucks Chris Harder 3 5171_2410_theimposter3 5171_2441_theimposter3 5171_2454_theimposter3 Colby Jansen fucks Chris Harder 5171_2466_theimposter3 5171_2478_theimposter3 5171_2482_theimposter3

derrick dime fucks abel archer

Derrick Dime fucks Abel Archer in The Wedding Planner at NEXT DOOR BUDDIES

Weddings are expensive, and Abel Archer knows this more than anyone, as he regularly encounters clients with no idea how much a basic wedding costs these days. Not being a totaly dick, Abel usually works with his clients to help ease the sting of such an expensive endeavor. Take Derrick Dime and his wife. The attractive young couple has the wedding all planned out, but Derrick balks at the price he’s quoted when Abel comes over to fit him for his tux. Derrick can’t believe the extortionist rates Abel is charging, but it appears Abel has him by the short hairs. Abel sees his client’s resignation, and offers an alternative payment plan to the studly husband-to-be. Measuring his inseam, Abel lets Derrick know just how he could save a few bucks, and though he is hesitant at first, Abel convinces him it will be worth his while. With that, Abel rips down his shorts and plunges Derrick’s cock deep down his throat. Derrick pushes Abel’s head further down onto his growing cock, before throwing him down on the sofa and returning the favor, licking Abel’s dick from shaft to tip. Abel is smiling from ear to ear, but if Derrick wants the full discount, he’ll have to do a little more. With that, Derrick turns Abel over and begins to give him the business. Hard pumping as he pounds Abel, holding him by his tie and manhandling him from behind, Derrick goes deep inside as Abel gets closer and closer to cumming. Derrick leans him up against the full length mirror as Abel shoots his load all over the glass, and Derrick pulls out and blasts his face with a very expensive load, which Abel does not waste.So it turns out Derrick is in good standing with the wedding planner. Now all he needs to do is give a repeat performance tomorrow when the caterer arrives…Enjoy!

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derrick dime fucks abel archer

eddy cetee fucks hugh hunter

Eddy CeeTee fucks Hugh Hunter in Catch 22 Scene 3 at TITAN MEN

Eddy CeeTee surfaces from the pool, water sliding down his furry chest. A smile breaks though his beard as he approaches tall and tattooed Hugh Hunter. They embrace, Hugh licking down Eddy’s beefy bod. He pulls down Eddy’s swim trunks to slowly reveal his thick shaft. He smiles up at Eddy before releasing his cock, then sucks him deep. They kiss, grinding on each other before Eddy gets on his knees—teasing the top and side of Hugh’s shaft before engulfing it. Eddy gasps for breath, reaching up to feed a finger to Hugh—who holds on to Eddy’s hand in a hot shot. Eddy tongue fucks Hugh before sliding his cock in, fucking him faster as grunts fill the air. Eddy slams his cock all the way in and out (“Open that hole!”), varying the tempo as Hugh buries his face in the cushion. The verbal bottom sits on Eddy, then gets on his back (“Pound that fucking hole!”) before he’s coated in cum—Eddy flashing a sexy scowl, grabbing the bott om’s hair as they kiss.

Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_HughHunter_120 Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_HughHunter_124 Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_HughHunter_127 Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_HughHunter_128 Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_HughHunter_133 Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_HughHunter_137 Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_HughHunter_141 Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_HughHunter_145 Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_HughHunter_147 Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_HughHunter_149 Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_HughHunter_156 Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_HughHunter_157 Eddy CeeTee fucks Hugh Hunter 159 Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_HughHunter_170 Eddy CeeTee fucks Hugh Hunter 171 Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_HughHunter_173 Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_HughHunter_174 Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_HughHunter_176 Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_HughHunter_178 Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_HughHunter_179 Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_HughHunter_183 Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_HughHunter_185 Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_HughHunter_193 Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_HughHunter_196 Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_m01 Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_m02 Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_m03 Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_m04 Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_m05 Catch22_Scene3_HughHunter_01 Catch22_Scene3_HughHunter_02 Catch22_Scene3_HughHunter_03 Catch22_Scene3_HughHunter_04 Catch22_Scene3_HughHunter_05


eddy cetee fucks hugh hunter