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Sunday, April 12, 2015

alex graham and tom nero flip flop fuck

Alex Graham and Tom Nero Flip Flop Fuck in Hard at Work Scene 2 at TITAN MEN

You wanted to see me, coach?” asks jock Alex Graham as he enters the locker room office. “Now that you’re graduating, I can’t get fired for this,” replies bearded Tom Nero, moving in for a passionate kiss. Tom licks down Alex’s muscles, working on the bulge in his uniform and jockstrap. He’s soon deep throating his star player, his beard tickling Alex’s balls. They kiss, Tom leaning back on his desk to offer his toned, hairy bod. Alex slurps on his hot mushroom head, Tom’s red-hot cock pulsing from his bushy crotch. Alex spits on it and gulps it up, then sits down on it as his own boner bobs up and down. “Now it’s your turn,” he demands of the reluctant coach, who bends over his desk to take it like a man—his ass hairs clinging to Alex’s thick shaft. The top leans down to lick Tom’s back, smiling as he fucks him. Tom gets on his back as he gets more: “Always wanted to fuck your coach, huh?” he smiles, the two releasing their loads.

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alex graham and tom nero flip flop fuck

Thursday, April 9, 2015

karl lion and cody banx bareback

Real Life Lovers Karl Lion and Cody Banx Bareback in Casting Couch #342 at KRISTEN BJORN

This is a very special casting because the Karl and Cody are real life lovers from Bulgaria. The guys begin by seductively stripping each other exposing their hot, hairy, muscular bodies. Karl releases Cody’s fat, uncut cock and takes it deep into his eager mouth. Cody is then teased by Karl with his huge curved cock and low hanging balls. You can see that Cody revels in feeling that hot cock slide down his throat completely. Karl flips Cody over and probes his hairy hole with his tongue and slaps it a bit before giving him his cock. Cody squats down onto Karl’s scorching cock as his own cock reaches full girth and mast. Karl flips Cody over in the chair with his legs well over his head, as he thrusts his raw cock deep into Cody’s wet hole. Karl gives us a hot show, letting us view his cock slowly descend into his lovers ass then pulling out to show us how hungry that hairy hole truly is. As Karl picks the rhythm of his fucking Cody shoots his load all over his own face. Karl is turned on by this action that he also sprays Cody’s face with his hot load as well. After feeding his lover’s mouth he then feeds the remainder of his cum into his ass.

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